Apple is charging new patents watches can also charge the computer

Apple’s new patent: re charging watches can also take the computer charge according to foreign media reports, Apple announced Apple  Watch  Series  2 stressed that the new Apple watch can increase the life time of the watch will. However, many users are still dissatisfied with the life time of the watch. Recently, the U.S. patent and Trademark Office disclosed a number of new patents, which we can see Apple’s new patent support can be directly connected to the computer charging. Apple’s new patent: re charging watches can also connect with computer charging (pictures from Patently  Apple) from the patent images can clearly see that apple innovativedesign in watchband, plug directly mounted on the watchband, so that users in the use of notebook computer also can be Apple  Watch charging. In the patent document, apple for charging the computer only use the word "computer equipment". But in the industry view, this feature may only support MacBook. The patent document also mentioned is not charging, transmitting a new watch strap may also replace the data line support data. When Apple  Watch; after two MacBook insertion through watchband, data between devices can exchange transfer. However, this patent will be used in Apple  Watch  Series  2 or the next Apple  Watch, worthy of attention.相关的主题文章:

Holland companies to develop air vehicles up to 180 kilometers per hour – Sohu digital 3u8895

The Holland company developed " Airbus " up to 180 kilometers per hour – Sohu digital   Holland company PAL-V has developed a flying air car, can switch between ground driving and air flight, $600 thousand (about 4 million yuan). 50 years ago, science fiction film "modern family" for the first time predicted that the future of the human race can fly. Now experts say this dream has become a reality point the day and await for it.         experts generally believe that the Pal-V  One two hybrid cars and rotorcraft, most likely to make people realize this dream. The United States, "the United States" magazine recently elected Pal-V company as the most likely to achieve air speed company.         Pal-V company, said the company has repeatedly stressed that the design of the model, so that you want to go wherever you want to go to the ultimate vehicle, easy to overcome all obstacles." "You can go out on a drive, almost anywhere, without a traffic jam, like an eagle flying over a lake, a bay, a river, or a mountain." "Landing in other places, to open his own car to the end point."         Pal-V  One 230 HP, four cylinder gasoline engine. The fuel tank of 27 gallons (about 123 liters), the driver can be in the low latitude — about 4000 feet flying more than and 220 miles (about 354 kilometers), or on the ground more than and 750 miles (about 1200 km), speeds up to 112 miles per hour (about 180 kilometers per hour). Body material for carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum, weighing 1500 pounds (about 680 kg).  相关的主题文章:

IP promoter Eyou town sword to gather from the explosion of IP to burst games

IP promoter Eyou town "sword" to gather from the explosion of IP to burst games [Abstract]10 Sept. 23 in the afternoon, the first China game industry forum held. In October 23rd, Shangyu held the first China game industry forum, called a "Eyou town network games and novel IP forum venue more concern. Attend the forum these big coffee are almost all IP behind the "The Brain", including a hand to create a box office miracle movie "the last return" Hengdian film group, first read the domestic animation animation, network novel reading platform group across the network novels, film, animation, capital the person in charge of the platform etc.. We have from the respective linkage industry and IP angle, with rich industry experience Hailun, offers a variety of interesting ideas for the connection between the IP and the game. IP hot market boutique IP there is still room for a smile from "Nirvana in Fire" to "very little" in the film, IP wave in recent years, with the same name Mobile Games almost become a "standard". The original popularity led tv drama hit, the hit topic for the game with the drainage campaign, the network novel trend of high. Young user groups, all IP linkage, these features along with VR (Virtual Reality Technology), AR (augmented reality), the rise of IP resource mining and development capabilities are more urgent. In fact, it is more important than sight. The failure of the IP conversion is not, in the vast IP tide in the end what kind of IP suitable for the game adaptation? The domestic game and our domestic IP can collide with each other sparks, creating a burst game? Writing for the famous game "Legend of Sword and Fairy" author Guan Pingchao believes that network novels and games has a strong and homogeneous basis in the root, "they have Internet genes, so they are in the audience, the operators, which close to the natural." And (game company) XXX believes that the need to present the IP boom poured a pot of cold water, can not only see the original popularity and heat to decide whether the adaptation of the game, "in fact, IP is not suitable for many into the game, in order to popularity to hard to change, does not have what good effect." Before IP after the brewing industry support Eyou town advantage according to the data show that in 2015 the mainland box office exceeded 43 billion, more than about 13000000000 growth in 2014. Among them, 30% of the box office from the IP adaptation of the film. With the popularity of smart phones, hand travel performance is more eye-catching, 2015 China Mobile game market share rose to 36.6%, which accounted for most of the performance of the same game IP performance. The mention of hand travel, at the forum site, the guests can not escape the topic is the Yin and Yang division. To talk about the most popular hand travel, NetEase produced the "Yin and Yang division" absolutely call their first. Even in the past, the national film archives, the box office downturn as "we are playing at home," Yin and Yang, "the". But few people know that this Daguai upgrade and wind source games, is our traditional masterpiece "The Classic of the Great Wilderness", this shows that our IP resources for game.相关的主题文章:

Deutsche Bank shares were cut in Wall Street is very calm This is not the Lehman moment 嘿嘿taxi

Deutsche Bank shares were cut in Wall Street is very calm: over the past 8 years after the Lehman moment not Wen Kang Road from New York financial crisis, the world’s top banks, again the price cut of the situation. But the market thinks, although the German government now seems not to rescue, but the operating difficulties of Deutsche Bank will not evolve into a "Lehman moment, the outbreak of the crisis in Europe will not detonate bad debts. In September 28, 2016, the most influential summit in New York at the headquarters of Bloomberg 2016 Bloomberg market (Bloomberg Markets Most Influential Summit), and information management scale of over $100 billion Bessie Merl Sinto (Bessemer Trust) chief investment officer Rebecca Patterson said, "Deutsche Bank is not Lehman, Greece in 2011. In the wake of the financial crisis, Europe’s bad debts have been cleared." She said, because the media has been publicly reported problems of Deutsche Bank, investors are prepared to risk, and Deutsche Bank’s predicament, will not form a greater impact on the market (the shock value is not there). Deutsche Bank’s share price has fallen by more than 60% since July last year, sending investors into panic, with a total market capitalization falling from $50 billion to $16 billion. Earlier this month, the U.S. Department of Justice issued a $14 billion ticket to Deutsche Bank, Deutsche bank". If Deutsche Bank to pay this price before the sale of mortgage backed securities (MBS) settlement, the bank’s tier one capital adequacy ratio will fall directly below the regulatory bottom line. Data show that last year, Deutsche Bank has been a huge loss of 6 billion 800 million euros, the two quarter of 2016 net profit of only 18 million euros, plummeted 98%. At the summit, Marathon Asset Management, director and general manager of CEO Bruce Richard said that Deutsche Bank current stock price plummeted, in addition to the Ministry of justice and reconciliation gold amount actually paid, only to raise funds through the sale of assets, although this means that some of the assets will be sold. According to the latest news, Deutsche Bank on Wednesday has been to 935 million pounds ($1 billion 220 million) price will be under the British Abbey Life insurance department was sold to the Feinikesi Group Holding Companies (Phoenix Group Holdings). However, affected by the impairment of goodwill, the sale of the insurance sector Abbey Life transactions, while bringing about 800 million euros (about $897 million 200 thousand) of pre tax losses to Deutsche bank. In the face of the plight of Deutsche Bank, investors in speculation, the German government will lend a helping hand, even the Deutsche Bank nationalization. But Merkel’s party allies of the Christian Social Union (CSU) said Hans Michelbach, senior members of the government, with taxpayers’ money.相关的主题文章:

The new energy vehicles subsidy check spread two companies busy whitewash effect

The new energy vehicles subsidy to check the spread of two companies from the website of the Ministry of Finance on the busy effect before the special inspection of the application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds on the situation to be informed, bulletin shows the presence of 5 companies cheat up behavior. A ripple, a time and related enterprise companies associated insecure. Yesterday evening, Jing Wei shares (002662) announcement and whitewash, said the promotion and application of new energy vehicles subsidy funds, not special inspection results of operations adversely affected. The company’s shares will be September 12th opening date for the resumption of trading. September 8th, the Ministry of Finance website published on the local budget and final accounts open and new energy vehicles to promote the application of special funds for the inspection of the notice (hereinafter referred to as "bulletin"). The "bulletin" in the publicity of the Jing Wei shares shares 48% stake in Shenzhen Wuzhoulong automobile Limited company (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon") there are 154 cars to declare 2015 the year of the central government subsidies for new energy vehicles, as of the end of 2015 was not completed, but in advance for the motor vehicle license, multi central reporting 55 million 740 thousand yuan of financial subsidies, treatment results: according to the amount of the issue at a fine of 50%, to remove the vehicle from the recommended directory, to declare 2015 subsidies, since 2016 the central government subsidies to cancel the qualification to resume the rectification acceptance. Jingwei said, in view of the above situation, the company to verify Shenzhen wuzhoulong. Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon has not yet received the "bulletin" refers to the central financial subsidy funds 55 million 740 thousand yuan, the income is not recognised in the 2015 annual financial report, and has been with the Shenzhen city authorities revoked the vehicle involved 154 car driving license. According to the "bulletin" list, Shenzhen Wuzhou dragon company is expected to be fined 27 million 870 thousand yuan, the fine the old shareholders "Guangdong fidelity Cci Capital Ltd has promised to bear all. Jing Wei shares that adversely affect the event wrong operating performance, the company will actively supervise Shenzhen Wuzhoulong, continue to promote its normative management. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [or] Phoenix securities [ifengstock]   after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [or] multitray master [fupan588]        相关的主题文章:

Nanning 90 home into a restaurant, the roof is not spared! – Sohu to eat and drink yuria

Nanning 90 home into a restaurant, the roof is not spared! – Sohu and grew up in the 90 unit compound has many common growth experience, others need to pay the sponsorship fee to enter the kindergarten and primary school and middle school, University of law or economics, graduating from abroad or graduate, after work is in the bank, the central enterprises, state organs, a little better as a doctor, a little bad can be admitted to institutions. This group of adult is not too concerned about the food and vegetables, does not seem to worry about the car and the house, and married a Mendanghudui children is behoove. His age has not to worry about life. The life path above seems to have a social consensus, that consensus is out of the very few people, has become a neighborhood "work" wonderful eyes. Li Chuan is such a typical "work". He grew up in the courtyard department 26 years old this year, the real estate industry after the quit work at home full-time to start private kitchens, now in small fresh enthusiasts circle of friends was a fire. Yes, this is on the 29 floor, a small fresh home. It is to eat the small famous dishes, I would say to Li Chuan home. "I like things with feelings." Li Chuan freely according to their own preferences, the home of the two layer decorated full time Japanese style, with a small hand furniture to mural decoration, every detail, let people feel the warmth of the young master heart fun. Li Chuan is a very special person. Thin boy like a ball gown on somewhat loose, visual is a house. Is a refined and courteous boy, very careful speak quickly, because the logic is very clear very quickly. Generous personality, heart exudes confidence and hearty, really, and he talked very comfortable. This personality let me fill out a brain in the workplace ‘Li Chuan, in any case can not put in front of him and a good cook Indoorsman link. The ordering process is simple, the note from Li Chuan mobile phone text menu, no pictures. It’s like going to a friend’s house to discuss what to eat. A turn to his own time Li Kawabata do snack cake: water Shingen in line to see a lot of times, salted cherry bloom looks very nice, here for the first time to eat, and taste a little salty jelly, exquisite appearance. Pure cheese cheese flavor is very strong, genuine goods at a fair price, the taste is close to freezing mousse. Not too much decoration, but was moved to the small meatball Meng pattern… This boy a lot of careful machine! The mysteries of Japan in the Japanese fried dumplings dumplings of sweet fillings, crispy skin cooked properly, filling sweet meat fresh, memorable. This volume of Li Chuan love Japanese wild herbs, remember this Japanese food, that is rolled up with exploding effect of wild herbs chewing. Experimental study on back many times, found that Cherry Tomatoes can restore the taste, you have this dish. Very clear load相关的主题文章:

China’s agriculture ushered in the dawn of modernization kimi wo omou melodi

Chinese agricultural modernization ushered in the dawn U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks 31, Nikkei news Beijing Chinese network reported that in the past scattered inefficient farmers as the main body of the agricultural modernization is being ushered in the dawn of China. The people’s commune in 1980s after the collapse of China implementation of the household responsibility system, from the village land use rights will be allocated to farmers. Average household access to 0.6 hectares of arable land, equivalent to about 14 of japan. Since then, China’s agriculture has long been in low efficiency, difficult to profit state. But with the aging of the population and the flow of population to the city, as of 2014, China’s agricultural labor force in 10 years reduced by more than 120 million people, equivalent to the total agricultural population of 13 out of agriculture. Farmland transfer is also strengthening. In 2014 the flow of agricultural land to large-scale agricultural organizations grew by 18%, reaching about 27 million hectares, accounting for about 10% of China’s total agricultural land. In 2014, the Chinese government implemented the land registration system to determine the land use rights of farmers, making it easier to lease farmland, and promoting the scale of agricultural management. Reference reading: global agricultural machinery manufacturers staring at the Chinese market. 2015 China’s agricultural market grew by 24%, about $438 billion 600 million, is Japan’s 8 times, more than the United States (about $252 billion 500 million) to become the world’s largest market. In addition, China is also facing the problem of stable supply of domestic food. Rice, wheat and corn and other major crops in 2014 production of about 6 tons, an increase of only 0.8%. Food demand is expected to increase to 7 tonnes by 2020. Since 2007, the price of grain has soared, the Chinese government has repeatedly taken measures to improve the purchasing price, and encourage farmers to expand production. However, since 2012, the government procurement price of grain is higher than the import price. Currently, the amount of rice imports reached 10 years ago, 5 times, soybean also increased to 2.7 times. If China’s agriculture can not introduce machinery to achieve large-scale, improve production efficiency, China’s food import expansion may have an impact on the global market. Editor: Guo Mingyu SF008相关的主题文章:

Beyond the age of the existence of large black mumbo-jumbo dominate the world Three Kingdoms spyair

Beyond the age of the existence of large black "mumbo-jumbo dominate the world" Three Kingdoms troubled Qunhao competition in the Quartet, the flames of war era, only really strong to dominate the world, become the ultimate leader of everyone. The big black game "mumbo-jumbo world" battle in the passion of dusty, uninterrupted combat, who can control the world, the last laugh? Beyond the era, creating a myth, the big black game "mumbo-jumbo world" dominated culture! Beyond the age of the existence of large black "mumbo-jumbo dominate the world" Three Kingdoms [Luoyang city war] to learn to run the host of the city, we must first be able to walk, to dominate the world’s people, and lay a good foundation is very important. In the "black mumbo-jumbo world", if you have a grand ambition, to be the city of Luoyang in the war. In the face of all the world Master, you must not fear, only to be beaten in front of the enemy, and fight until the last moment, you can win, also has the rich wealth awards and the "Luoyang city" title. Beyond the age of the existence of large black "mumbo-jumbo dominate the world" Three Kingdoms [grab weapons for the counter attack as God] God strength is not a day can be reached, if want to improve their strength, has the artifact will let us quickly reach the desire of my heart. In the "black world" mumbo-jumbo, grab weapons battlefield of fierce fighting, the hero in the world are gathered in this goal have aimed at the precious matchless party. Brave the enemy, never retreat, will stop you to destroy the enemy, become the ultimate winner, to seize supreme magic! Beyond the age of the existence of large black "mumbo-jumbo dominate the world" Three Kingdoms [Zhuluzhongyuan sworn brothers] in the intrigues of the Three Kingdoms, want to have a real victory, we must trust and good brothers fought together. In the "black mumbo-jumbo world", you can be friends and Taoyuan three sworn brothers, become a family, and can shine in the Central Plains on the battlefield. You will win a tacit understanding with you every victory, and you will get rich treasure rewards, give each other strength have a qualitative leap. Beyond the age of the existence of large black mumbo-jumbo dominate the world "Three Kingdoms" to dominate the troubled times, the big black game "mumbo-jumbo world" take you through classic three, writing a new legend very touching! More exciting content, as in a big black game "mumbo-jumbo world"! Scan the two-dimensional code or search for micro signal daheiyouxi, pay attention to the big black game official WeChat. More fresh information, exclusive benefits more awesome, you control everything! The big black game official WeChat big black game "mumbo-jumbo world" game entrance: brief encounter, my big black! The big black game: Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: